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Your Brain Health is Important: 4 New Year Resolutions to Follow

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brain healthAt Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, we specialize in conditions involving the brain, spine, nerve, and more. While our experts are highly trained and ready to help if need be, we encourage you to take proactive steps to maintain optimal body and brain health.

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Consider the following four tips to increase your brain health:

Exercise Regularly

Many people exercise because they know how much it benefits their body. However, it also has incredible benefits on the brain! When you exercise, there is an increased flow of oxygen to the brain. It also releases hormones in the brain that contribute to the creation of new brain cells.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

When you have a diet full of healthy foods, you are contributing to your overall health. But, did you know that certain foods are great for brain health? So, load your dinner plate full of fish, eggs, and blueberries! Also, instead of cooking with vegetable oil, substitute it for olive oil (another brain-friendly food).

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Over time, the intake of alcohol impairs your cognitive thinking. In order to keep a clear mind and optimal brain health, limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Additionally, any medication-use must be followed according to your doctor’s orders. Over-medicating yourself can negatively affect the brain.

Wear Protective Head Gear

If you play sports or have a career that involves heavy objects, make sure to wear protective head gear. If your head experiences impact, a concussion may occur. Medical professionals view concussions as mild brain injuries, and sustaining multiple concussions is very bad for your brain. So, take extra precaution to protect your brain from any blows.

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