Intraoperative Monitoring

Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring

The surgeons at GNI utilize Intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IOM) as part of many surgical procedures. This technology provides an additional tool to help keep your patient’s medical team informed of possible neurological complications that may occur during surgery.

Nerves convey information through the body by sending electrical signals along the length of their pathway. Analysis of these signals can provide information about the condition of the pathways throughout the nervous system.

During the surgical procedure, the Georgia Neurosurgical IOM team will send signals through, and record signals from, the nervous system to determine if it is functioning at normal levels. While the surgeon is working on or near some portion of a neural pathway, we may also stimulate the end of the pathway farthest away from the brain and record the way the brain responds to the stimulations. We can then give the surgeon continual information about how well the entire pathway is working and pay particular attention to the area of your body where the operation is taking place. This state of the art technology allows for complete monitoring of the nervous system resulting in less post-operative complications.