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Robotic Procedures

Robotic & Navigation Technology

Mazor Robotics

Mazor Robotics is revolutionary technology utilized in spine procedures, and the GNI Out-Patient Surgery Center is one of two such centers in the state of Georgia to have this robotic system. The process starts during the diagnostic phase by developing a pre-operative plan for the surgeon. The patient’s CT scans are uploaded into the Mazor software to create a three dimensional diagram of the patient’s spine. This advanced step not only helps to identify potential challenges such as asymmetrical pedicles  but also in selecting the most appropriate implant size by looking at the specific makeup the patient’s spine. At the beginning of the procedure new images are taken to match with the pre-operative scans which allows for a three dimensional sync during the surgery as well.

The benefits of utilizing Mazor Robotics technology include:

  • Precise 1.5 mm accuracy for pedicle screw placement
  • Faster procedures which result less anesthesia and lower infection rates
  • Less trauma to the body and muscles
  • Reduced post-operative pain

Patient care is our priority, inspiring us to find new, innovative technologies to better assist our surgeons. This led us to invest in the Mazor X Stealth™ Edition as an additional resource at Georgia Neurosurgical Institute.

Mazor X Stealth™ Edition

Spine Robotic Guidance System

Our surgical robotic guidance technology allows our surgeons to visualize the patient’s anatomy and pre-plan the surgery in 3D, and then use robotic guidance to execute their procedure. The pre-op exams give surgeons critical information in planning for surgery. A robotic guidance system helps our surgeons optimize spinal procedures for Georgia Neurosurgical Institute’s patients. With the combination of a computer and specialized software and instruments, our surgeons use this system to plan where and how they will operate on the spine. Then an automated robotic “arm” holds key surgical instrumentation in place for the surgeon. The robotic guidance helps our surgeons execute their plan and perform the surgery with precision.

Surgery with the Mazor X Stealth™ Edition spine robotic guidance system enables our surgeons to:

  • Perform a minimally invasive spine procedure.
  • Execute with robotic guidance for added predictability in spine procedures.

O-Arm Navigation

This technology serves as an imaging and tracking component during surgery. If O-Arm navigation is utilized the first step of the procedure is obtaining 3D imaging of the patient in surgical position. The result is 360 degree imaging that is ported into the stealth software to create a “GPS” navigation that continually follows the surgeon’s and device’s movement and progress throughout the procedure. This serves to drastically reduce post-operative complications.