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5 Benefits of Mazor X Technology

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Last month, we discussed how the Mazor X technology worked and how it has significantly impacted the neurosurgical community and our patients. To recap, the Mazor X technology reproduces the surgery plan that your neurosurgeon creates and accurately places surgical instruments by using GPS-like technology. We’re excited that the Mazor X technology will soon be offered at our very own surgery center, and we bet you are, too! Discover 5 benefits of Mazor X technology:

Reduction in X-ray Use

The birth of x-rays allowed medical professionals to see more clearly what is going on inside the human body. Excitingly, with Mazor X technology, we can limit the use of x-rays which decreases exposure to radiation.

Customized Surgical Plan

Before you ever step foot into the operating room, we have created a customized surgical plan to outline what needs to be done and how to complete this procedure with the help from the Mazor X technology.

Increased Placement Accuracy

Our neurosurgeons are able to tell the Mazor X technology the exact placement of the instrumentation and the Mazor X will swiftly and accurately complete the command. This increases precision and ensures great results.

Reduced Operative Time

Surgical operations are a gift of modern medicine. But, with that gift, we strive to reduce how long a patient must have anesthesia and how long operative time is. With the Mazor X technology, operative time is reduced, and patients don’t need anesthesia as long.

Reduced Possible Problems

With the Mazor X technology, human error is significantly reduced which decreases the opportunity for complications! This incredible technology, coupled with expert neurosurgeons, will help you find relief from your spine condition.

Our neurosurgeons are thrilled to use this exciting technology and continue delivering great results for our patients. If you need our services, don’t hesitate to contact us: 478-743-7092.

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