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Am I a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery?

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Minimally invasive spine surgery can positively impact your health-related quality of life by fixing the cause of your health condition. This treatment option boasts many benefits such as faster recovery time, low risk of infection, muscle protection, and many more. Allow us to explain how we determine candidacy for this incredible surgical option:

How does a doctor determine candidacy for minimally invasive spine surgery?

Your GNI physician will make an accurate diagnosis of your ailment and determine if minimally invasive spine surgery would fix your spine condition. From there, he will consider the following factors for candidacy:

  • A previous failed neck or back surgery.
  • Back or neck pain while performing daily activities (sleeping, walking, standing, etc.).
  • Back pain that radiates into your legs.
  • Other non-surgical treatments have been tried (lifestyle changes, pain management, medication).

When is minimally invasive spine surgery recommended?

Depending on your specific condition, non-surgical treatment – like lifestyle changes or physical therapy – may be tried before minimally invasive spine surgery is recommended. If surgery is deemed necessary, your neurosurgeon will discuss the process and answer all of your questions. We never recommend surgery just for the sake of surgery; our team will propose surgery only if we believe it will produce the best results for our patients.

Our incredible neurosurgeons are spine experts!

If you’re ready for relief from your spinal condition, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We strive to find and treat the root cause of your problem, not just treat symptoms. Don’t go another day with a disease or condition that is preventing you from living a high-quality life! Call us today: 478-743-7092.

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