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Chiari Malformation FAQs

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A chiari malformation occurs when brain lobes enter a space at the bottom of your skull where only your spinal cord should be. It’s important to know the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this brain condition to ensure optimal health. Allow us to answer frequently asked questions about chiari malformations to help you understand this condition better:

How is a chiari malformation diagnosed?

If your neurosurgeon suspects a chiari malformation, he will request a brain MRI. An MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to capture images of the brain. Your neurosurgeon will assess the images and determine if a chiari malformation is present.

Can chiari malformations morph into a different type?

There are four types of chiari malformations – type 1 is very common, type 2 is less common, and type 3 and 4 are very rare. They cannot transform into a different type of malformation. If you are diagnosed with one type of chiari malformation, that is the type that will be treated.

Is surgery absolutely necessary?

No, surgery is not always necessary. If your symptoms can be treated with medication and there is no severe and immediate threat, surgery may be put off for some time. However, medication will only treat the symptoms; it will not eliminate the chiari malformation.

Is there risk in chiari malformation surgery?

There is risk in all surgeries. However, at experienced locations with knowledgeable neurosurgeons, the risk is very slim. Our neurosurgeons would be happy to answer all your questions to ease your concerns and help you feel confident in your decision to get chiari malformation surgery.

Our Neurosurgeons Are Here to Help

Right here in Macon, Georgia, you have access to world-renowned neurosurgeons who can carefully conduct surgery to fix your chiari malformation. After recovery, you can move forward in life knowing that you have protected your future self from chiari malformation symptoms and frustrations! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us: 478-743-7092