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Dr. Joe Sam Robinson Lectures at Cambridge University

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Joe Sam Robinson, MD

Macon, GA, May 15, 2017 – Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, with practice offices in Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin, Griffin and  Milledgeville, today announced the recent trip of Joe Sam Robinson, MD to Cambridge, England where he was invited to participate as a Guest Lecturer at the Centre for Neuroscience  Education of Cambridge University.  The Centre is recognized internationally as  the leading research facility in the field of intracranial pressure dynamics, brain compliance, and the development of novel modalities of non-invasive monitoring of patients with various pathologies of the brain. As the most senior partner of the practice, Dr. Robinson leads the Institute’s research efforts internationally.

His lecture entitled, “Some Suggestions for Allocation of World Neurosurgery Assets” focused on the difficulties of achieving worldwide neurosurgical care as the population ages.  Tremendous success for the elimination of less expensive diseases has been achieved by means of vaccinations and sterilization of childbirth settings. These advancements have led to most of the population living into senior adulthood when more complicated and rare neurosurgical diseases occur. In his presentation, Dr. Robinson documented the statistics  that approximately ninety percent of the world’s population is unable to obtain the US standard of care for treatment because of cost, supply and cure factors. The lecture particularly compared and  addressed the neurosurgical conditions of brain tumors and strokes.  He presented some solutions and outlined the need for the developed world to help solve the crisis in the developing world with combined efforts.

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