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Dr. Robinson Speaks at the Navicent Health Press Conference

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Georgia Neurosurgical Institute and Navicent Health recently held a press conference celebrating their recognition as Georgia’s only ACS Verified Level 1 Trauma Center. Representing GNI at this event was Dr. Joe Sam Robinson, a founding member of Georgia’s Trauma Commission.

Dr. Robinson began by thanking the attendees and other members of the Trauma Commission for their work and patience in working with the doctors during traumatic situations.

“We’re all part of the same team, trying to look after sick people,” he said. “It’s extraordinary work here, people come from everywhere, they land in helicopters on top of this building. Every day we’re in the middle of a life and death situation. It’s extraordinarily good work that’s done here. So I really want to [say] thank you and keep up the good work.”

Additionally, Dr. Robinson thanked and praised the Georgia taxpayers for their investment and commitment to the trauma center. He highlighted the numerous lives that have been saved due to having access to a nearby trauma center that was not available before and added, “We can expand the apparatus we have here to encompass other disease problems – strokes and heart issues. This is a paradigm to put a system in place in Georgia that will save many, many lives.”

Dr. Robinson also announced that Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, in conjunction with Navicent Health, is now collaborating with 25 hospitals around the world in a clinical trial on acute subdural hematoma evacuation.

“This wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of all the people gathered here. It’s just a tremendous thing,” said Dr. Robinson. The study is being funded by British taxpayers and is centered at Cambridge University in England. “The structure that’s been created here is part of a worldwide network of improving trauma care everywhere under the sun,” added Dr. Robinson enthusiastically.