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FAQ: What is Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring?

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Georgia Neurosurgical InstituteWhen you undergo surgery, it’s important for both the surgeons and the technology used to be of one accord. Even better, your expert surgeons are aided by technology that can foresee any possible neurological complications that may occur during your surgery.

With intraoperative neurophysicological monitoring (IOM), your team of expert surgeons at Georgia Neurosurgical Institute is more than prepared to perform your surgery and give you the best outcome possible.

To schedule an appointment, please have your physician call 478-743-7092.

Explaining the Importance of IOM Technology During Surgery

Your brain is always sending signals. These signals tell the rest of your body what to do, how to function, and if something is right or wrong. IOM technology helps communicate to the surgeons if everything is going well or if something is wrong, which allows them to be fully prepared for your body’s reactions.

Your body’s nerves are constantly conveying information through the thousands of pathways in your body. IOM is able to analyze the signals and give your surgeon information about how the pathways are doing and what information is being passed.

Excitingly, the GNI IOM team can communicate with the nervous system to ensure everything is functioning properly! They send signals through and record signals from the nervous system throughout the entire surgery. So, while your surgeon is operating on one part of your body, the other team members can make sure that the end of that particular pathway is still functioning at full capacity. This allows the surgeon to focus fully on the operating area.

If there are any pathways sending signals that something is wrong, we can immediately correct the issue because we have timely and accurate information. This state-of-the-art technology results in fewer complications, very successful surgical rates, and extremely happy (and healthy) patients.

For an appointment, please have your physician call 478-743-7092.