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Drs. Arthur Grigorian and Joe Sam Robinson Participate in “Man Under Stress” Conference

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Macon, GA, July 17, 2017 – Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, with practice offices in Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin, Griffin and  Milledgeville, today announced the recent trip of Arthur Grigoirian, MD and Joe Sam Robinson, Jr., MD to Armenia for participation in a Jubilee Conference honoring the work of Dr. Adel Tadevosyan, MD, one of the premier European founders in the study of Stressology. Dr. Grigorian, having served as one of the conference organizers, introduced Dr. Tadevosyan and also gave a synopsis of her life’s work. Dr. Robinson was asked to serve as a Guest Lecturer for the event.

In his presentation entitled, “The World Brain Revisited – Problems and Solutions for the 21st Century,” Dr. Robinson described the evolution of a new global super-organism. The same way that the human brain has nerve cells, or neurons, which are connected to each other to form intelligence, humans, themselves, are connected to each other to form global intelligence or a “world brain”. While this “world brain” has created many possibilities for good, in its complete form it is chaotic and dangerous. The reason for this is that evolution created an imperfect human brain which, in turn, abuses power and causes the diseases of the “world brain.”  Dr. Robinson’s lecture featured 190 different slides of “world brain” diseases along with suggestions for possible cures.

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