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How Indirect Mini Decompression Can Relieve Your Spinal Stenosis Pain

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Spinal stenosis is a condition that occurs when the space in your spine begins to narrow. Nerves begin to have immense difficulty traveling through the tight space, and it can cause pain at the problem location. To create much-needed space, our neurosurgeons can conduct an indirect mini-decompression surgery which will create space for the nerves and relieve you of pain. Allow us to highlight this incredible treatment option:

What happens to the spine during the indirect mini-decompression procedure?

During the indirect mini-decompression procedure, a small medical device is implanted at the location where the spine has begun to narrow. This device will be placed between the vertebrae, essentially holding the vertebrae open to their original height. This allows the nerves to pass freely through the spine without producing a pinching sensation.

Does the surgeon have to make an incision into the spinal canal?

No, the surgeon will not have to make an incision into the spinal canal. Because of this, the patient’s recovery time is less and there is a major reduction in potential complications. This medical devise does not require screws or peak cages, either.

How can the GNI neurosurgeons help me?

If you’re dealing with frustrating spinal stenosis symptoms, make an appointment with us right away. We will conduct a CT scan, MRI, or X-ray to determine if spinal stenosis is indeed the culprit. Afterward, we can discuss if indirect mini decompression is right for you!

Where will the procedure take place?

You won’t have to travel far from home! Our neurosurgeons can conduct this procedure at GNI’s out-patient surgery center.

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