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Lifestyle Changes that Prevent Degenerative Disc Disease

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The new year is known for new beginnings and resolutions! We believe that improving your spine health should be included in your goals for 2020, specifically preventing the onset of degenerative disc disease. Discover simple tips to implement to prevent this disease:

Exercise Wisely

Regular exercise is great for mental, emotional, and physical health. But, it’s important to do so wisely. If you are experiencing degenerative disc disease pain, it would not be wise to hit the ground running, as this would add extra pressure to your discs. We suggest water aerobics and stretching as much as possible. Water will help reduce the amount of pressure on the joints as you exercise.

Stop Smoking

Many people know that smoking can cause cancer and cause plaque buildup in your arteries. But, did you know it can negatively affect your discs as well? Tobacco smoke restricts blood vessel function, blocking much-needed nutrients to the discs. Also, the harmful chemicals in tobacco products can reduce your disc’s ability to rebuild and thrive.

Lose Excess Weight

Extra weight that you carry is harmful to your discs and joints, as it causes more pressure and demands more support. Talk to your doctor about what your ideal weight is and implement a healthy diet and exercise routine to reach your goal. This will positively affect your overall health, not just decrease degenerative disc disease pain.

Allow Our Neurosurgeons to Help with Degenerative Disc Disease

If you’ve been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, we know that this pain can make everyday activities unbearable. Our team is highly skilled and experienced performing procedures that will help fix the issue. These procedures include:

  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
  • Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
  • Spinal Fusion (Lumbar)
  • Lumbar Disc Microsurgery

If you’re in pain or want more direction about how to manage your degenerative disc disease, don’t hesitate to call us today: 478-743-7092.