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Meet Your Neurosurgeon: Dr. Richard Rowe

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The Georgia Neurosurgical Institute is proud to spotlight one of our very best neurosurgeons, Dr. Richard Rowe. He is among the best neurosurgeons in all of Georgia because he has trained in the most complex neurosurgical conditions of the skull base and has developed virtual reality computer technology training tools. Keep reading to find out more about your neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Rowe.

About Dr. Richard Rowe

Many of Dr. Rowe’s 20+ years of experience in neurosurgery accrued while a member of the United States Navy. During this time, he strengthened his skills concerning complex spine disease, brain tumors, trauma, and more. Dr. Rowe discovered early in his career that applying technology to neurosurgery could dramatically improve results. So, he continued his research and worked to develop reality training tools to use during neurosurgery. Beyond the United States Navy, he developed even more skills while on staff at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

Dr. Rowe has trained, learned, interned, and served in many different environments to strengthen his neurosurgery skills. Here are just a few:

  • Completed schooling and interned at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Finished a fellowship in skull base neurosurgery at UAMS
  • Trained in neurosurgery at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia
  • Served as an Active Duty Neurosurgeon in Maryland, Japan, and Virginia

Ten years ago, Dr. Rowe moved back to his home state – Georgia where he joined Georgia Neurosurgical Institute. We are proud to have him as one of our premier neurosurgeons. He is not only exceptional at what he does, but he goes above and beyond for his patients.

What Our Patients Say About Dr. Rowe

Dr. Rowe has helped hundreds of patients on their healthcare journey. Here are a few testimonies from patients after Dr. Rowe helped them:

“Great doctor. He really cares about his patients and always does everything he can to have great outcomes. He says he gives the credit to the big guy upstairs who he just works for…” – Laurie F.

“When my life came to an abrupt halt the day my son was in a severe car accident, we arrived at Macon pediatric hospital. Five days later, Dr. Rowe preformed a 10 hours surgery on my son and rebuilt several of his vertebrae. Being told initially from the first hospital he was at that they couldn’t believe my son was alive after that accident, much less ever walk again, I knew God had a bigger better outcome. We serve a mighty God and I’m very VERY thankful God put Dr. Rowe in our path.” – Cissy H.

“A wonderful person and a great surgeon!” – Kim M.

“He’s a great surgeon and loves the Lord. He’s like family to us!!” – JoAnn S.

Any of our surgeons would be happy to assist you in your neurosurgery needs! Meet the team.