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The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

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minimally invasive surgerySomething that sets Georgia Neurosurgical Institute apart in Middle Georgia is our ability to constantly stay at the forefront of medical techniques and procedures. One area of medicine that GNI has led the way in is minimally invasive surgery. The use of minimally invasive procedures is a specialty of our surgeons and can be very beneficial to patients.

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The benefits of minimally invasive surgery and techniques are numerous, including:

Increased Safety

One of the primary aspects of minimally invasive surgery is the fact that the incisions are much smaller. Smaller incisions mean far less trauma to the organs, muscles, and surrounding tissue, as well as less potential blood loss.

Decreased Pain & Scarring

These smaller incisions not only increase the safety for the patient – they also significantly decrease the pain and scarring following the procedure. Because these techniques cause less trauma to the surrounding parts of the body, there is far less pain. The incisions are much smaller and less jagged than in traditional surgery, so they heal more efficiently and are less noticeable.

More Accuracy

Procedures performed during minimally invasive surgery at GNI include the use of microscopic video cameras with the smaller incisions. These cameras are used to access the deep areas needing treatment and provide increased visibility, meaning the procedure is more accurate.

Shorter Hospital Stay & Quicker Recovery

Our goal at GNI is to not only allow patients a short hospital stay, but for their re-cooperation to take place in the comfort of their own home. Because the risk of adverse reactions is higher with general anesthesia, our outpatient surgery center makes use of local anesthesia to decrease this risk. We want to help you return to your daily life as quickly as possible. Recover from traditional surgery can sometimes take as much as eight weeks. Recover from minimally invasive surgery can take a fraction of the time.


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