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Physical Therapy: Helping You on Your Recovery Journey

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At Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, we are passionate about your recovery journey. From the diagnosis itself to physical therapy after surgery, our physicians want to see you feeling better than ever. Our team uses the McKenzie Method to help our patients on their recovery journey. The McKenzie Method can be broken down into three steps:

Step 1: Active Examination

Our physical therapist will dive into your medical history and ask you to perform certain movements. While you display your physical ability, she will monitor your movement and assess where you are on a physical level. This examination will set the foundation for your physical therapy sessions.

Step 2: Dynamic Diagnosis

Because everyone is unique, your physical therapist will diagnose your condition and create a unique treatment plan based on your current state and future goals. In your treatment plan, you will learn how to perform certain exercises and how to strengthen your body.

Step 3: Reliable Intervention

When exercises are done incorrectly, the body suffers. Your physical therapist will explain how to avoid mistakes while exercising and discuss symptoms to watch for. Intervening early is key to avoid extensive injuries!

The GNI Team is Here For You

We fully believe that knowledge is key for your recovery journey. Our therapists, Kristin and Miles, make it a priority to fully educate their patients on preventing future injuries, understanding current physical therapy practices, and performing exercises accurately.

If you have any questions about our approach to physical therapy, give us a call: 478-743-7092.

“My sessions with Kristin have been life-changing; I feel like a totally different person after therapy with her. She bends over backward to improve my quality of life. I am a full-time caregiver to my wife, so I am trying to delay surgery as long as possible – Kristin has made this a reality!” – Thomas, GNI physical therapy patient