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Q&A: Exploring Aneurysm Clipping & Its Benefits

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Your arteries’ walls are incredibly strong, as they must move blood from the heart to the rest of the body. These arteries were designed with three layers to withstand the high pressure of the blood pumping within them. Sometimes, the wall is weakened due to its constant demands. This causes an area of the wall to balloon out which forms an aneurysm. If that aneurysm ruptures, the patient may experience a hemorrhagic stroke. Fortunately, there is an available treatment that can prevent the aneurysm from rupturing. Discover the details about an aneurysm clip:

How does an aneurysm clip work?

When an artery starts to balloon out due to pressure, it’s important to minimize blood flow to the concentrated area. We can do this by placing a clip across the base of the aneurysm. By sealing off blood flow, it is disabling the opportunity for the aneurysm to burst and spill blood.

What happens during the procedure?

Typically, a small incision will be made behind the hairline or in the back of the head. A small section of the skull bone will be removed, and the neurosurgeon will gain access to the brain by removing a small amount of dura. Your neurosurgeon will carefully locate and separate the aneurysm from other well-functioning blood vessels. From there, he will clamp the aneurysm clip in place.

Is this procedure done only for ruptured aneurysms?

This procedure is performed on both ruptured and unruptured aneurysms. However, if an aneurysm has ruptured and the patient needs to have an aneurysm clip inserted, it is considered an emergency medical procedure. A ruptured aneurysm spills blood onto the brain and can cause disability or death.

What happens to the aneurysm and the clip over time?

The aneurysm will eventually shrink and scar down due to the loss of blood being pumped to it. The aneurysm clip will be there for life. You won’t feel any uncomfortableness or pain due to the clip.

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