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What is the kyphoplasty procedure?

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The kyphoplasty procedure is performed when there is a compression fracture in the spine. When a fracture is present, the front of the vertebrae begins to collapse. Because the vertebra is no longer at its normal height, you may notice signs of hunching, as it is difficult for the vertebra to support heavier weights. Allow us to answer frequently asked questions about the kyphoplasty procedure:

Is kyphoplasty a minimally invasive procedure?

Yes! Kyphoplasty is performed via minimally invasive measures. By using minimally invasive techniques, you will have less recovery time, minimal trauma to the area, and higher success rates. To learn more about the minimally invasive procedures, check out these intriguing blogs:

How do I know if the kyphoplasty procedure is right for me?

Your neurosurgeon will talk to you about your symptoms and run tests before diagnosing your condition. Before determining if the kyphoplasty procedure should be performed, he will discuss non-surgical treatments. If those do not work, kyphoplasty can be considered.

Can vertebral fractures heal on their own?

Some heal on their own via non-surgical treatments. However, if you’re experiencing any of the following, you may want to consider the kyphoplasty procedure:

  • You feel intense back pain when carrying weight (groceries, bags, etc.).
  • The vertebra has collapsed between 30% and 70%. If it has collapsed less than 30% or more than 70%, different procedures may be recommended.
  • The compression fracture is 0 – 3 months old.

What type of anesthesia is applied during the kyphoplasty procedure?

To ensure our patients are comfortable, either local anesthesia or general anesthesia is applied, Local anesthesia numbs a designated area of the body while general anesthesia causes the patient to “fall asleep” completely. The type of anesthesia chosen depends on different factors like your overall health, age, cause of fracture, and others.

Can a neurosurgeon perform the kyphoplasty procedure?

Yes! You do not have to drive to an orthopedic surgeon for the kyphoplasty procedure. Stay local and choose the Georgia Neurosurgical Institute neurosurgeons for your vertebra fracture treatment. You can be confident that you’ll be taken care of by the best hands and minds in all of Georgia.

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