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Newest Technology & Techniques

Newest Innovations Driving Patient Success

Mobi C – This technology allows patients with up to two levels of cervical disc disease to undergo disc replacement rather than fusion. This procedure is quick to perform, out-patient, and can be done in GNI’s surgery center.

Injected Exparel – The GNI Surgery Center utilizes Exparel in many of its spine procedures which is a non-narcotic pain medication that is injected into the surgical area at the time of surgery. Exparel contains a specially formulated bupivacaine (a type of local anesthesia) that is designed to release into the body over a long period of time for up to 96 hours of lasting pain relief. Because Exparel works over time, doses of other medication, including narcotics, may be reduced.

PRP Extrapolation – An additional step performed during a fusion case, a small amount of the patient’s blood is extracted and stem cells are extrapolated. Along with bone grafting material, the cells are then re-injected into the fusion area. This innovative process helps to ensure the highest rate of bone fusing in the surgical area.

Gleolan – An amino acid which is taken prior to surgery, Gleolan serves as an imaging agent for patients with Grade III and IV gliomas. Through the use of a specialized scope and filter system, the surgeons can visualize the cancerous brain tissue in a different light allowing for optimal resection of the tumor.