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4 Surprising Culprits of Back Pain & How We Can Help

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You don’t have to be an athlete or a construction worker to suffer from back pain. Many Americans who have a sedentary lifestyle experience back pain daily. Consider four surprising culprits of back pain and how the Georgia Neurosurgical Institute team can help:

Poor Diet

The food you eat greatly affects how well your back muscles function. Certain foods can cause your cortisol levels to skyrocket and your muscles to become inflamed. When this happens, your back muscles have added stress and cannot support your weight properly. Obesity can also affect back pain, as there is more strain on your back muscles and bones.

Inadequate Amount of Exercise

Most Americans have jobs that require them to sit most of the day. This doesn’t lend to a very active lifestyle that promotes healthy muscles! Make it a point to complete muscle-building exercises several times a week. When your back muscles are strong, they can better support your back which will help minimize back pain.

Old Shoes

Flip flops and high heels are two of the worst shoes to wear for your back health. Your shoes need to have a thick sole, as the amount of sole will affect your gait (how you walk). Worn out shoes and an inadequate amount of sole will change your gait and your back pain will increase.

Increased Amount of Stress & Depression

Your emotions are directly linked to how well your physical body functions. When you have an increased amount of stress, depression, or other negative emotions, your body will respond. Be proactive about eliminating stress from your life with these tips:

  • Get roughly 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Talk to a counselor.
  • Ask for help.

How the Georgia Neurosurgical Institute Team Can Help

If you’ve implemented the tips above but still have back pain, it’s likely that you have a back condition that needs medical attention. Many back conditions are directly related to how well your spine is functioning. From degenerative disc disease to spondylolisthesis, our neurosurgeons can help you regain your strength and continue life without back pain.

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