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Dr. Igor DeCastro Travels to Brazil to Perform an XLIF

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Last week, Dr. Igor DeCastro visited Brazil and performed an L3-4 XLIF (eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion) at the Copa Star Hospital in Copacabana. He enjoys traveling back to his native country to perform the same minimally invasive spine techniques that he implements at Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, here in Middle Georgia. The primary objective of his trip was to educate, teach, and inform medical professionals and personnel in Brazil, while also maintaining utmost patient care.

The XLIF technique Dr. DeCastro performed in Brazil is one that he specializes in; it is a great option for many patients with lumbar spine problems. It is a minimally disruptive surgical procedure performed through the side of the body. It is designed to treat a range of spine conditions. Using nerve monitoring technology, the surgeon gains side access to the spinal column while avoiding any major nerves in the area between the incision and the surgical site. The XLIF procedure does not require an anterior (front) or posterior (back) exposure, and thereby does not present the same risks of vascular and/or neural injury as traditional approaches.