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Meet Edgar Petrosyan

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Edgar PetrosyanEdgar, a 22-year-old native of Moscow, Russia, recently completed his fifth year of medical school at Moscow State Medical University in July. Edgar has one more year before graduating and applying to residency programs in his home country, so he wanted to take advantage of a month-long break and “shadow” somewhere in the United States. After extensive research, Edgar chose to spend his time with the team here at Georgia Neurosurgical Institute.

Several reasons factored into his decision to join us here in Macon. First, Edgar was aware of GNI’s long-standing tradition of welcoming international students to the practice for training purposes. Edgar also wanted to gain insight into trauma care. Our doctors have handled the neuro trauma call for Navicent since the 1950s, so where better to get valuable trauma care experience than here? Lastly, Edgar is interested in pursuing a neuro-vascular path upon graduation, so he was particularly interested in following Dr. Arthur Grigorian, who is the only neurosurgeon specializing in vascular procedures in this part of the state.

When asked about some of the key differences between medical care here in the United States verses Russia, Edgar replied, “There are really a lot of small things, but one big thing is that treatment here is more patient-driven.” Edgar also explained that there are no mid-levels in his country, such as Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners, which has been a growing industry in our country for the last decade.

Another difference between the two countries is that in Russia, a diploma is required before medical students may apply for residency. Following graduation from medical school in July 2018, Edgar can then apply for his medical residency. His residency program will either last two years, ending in a certificate where he can perform basic procedures, or longer where he will receive additional instruction, such as vascular training.

For the past month, Edgar has been able to observe all five of the GNI surgeons performing procedures and states that each case has been interesting. He explained that his time here has furthered his desire to pursue a neuro-vascular path. Edgar has been very intrigued by the procedures involving robotic systems, as this has been his first time to witness this technology. Additionally, he has had the opportunity of furthering his experience by shadowing one week of call with the Navicent general surgery trauma team.

Edgar shared with us that his month with GNI has made a life-long impression on him!

Edgar, the staff and doctors of GNI have been so happy to have you, and we wish you nothing but the best in your future as a doctor. Thanks for spending your observation time with us!